How to grow your business with WebApplications

There are so many little tasks that we all have to do every day which makes the day feel busy and gives

Posted on 14 August 2023
There are so many little tasks that we all have to do every day which makes the day feel busy and gives us that sensation of being useful, but in reality, that's not being productive. Imagine having time to find new customers, implement new strategies and making decisions that make a real difference. With the correct software, web application or even an app, we can automate most of these small tasks.

Few examples ;
Having all staff login to work using a clocking device and having this information sent to you on a scheduled time. If you have an e-commerce or any sales software auto-generate most used reports and email you at a certain time. You could have your engineers on the road using online job sheet to log all the work, then having the web application email you a report showing who completed which job and when. This will free up a lot of time during the week. Having your web application helping potential customers get quotes after hours.

As we can see by looking at Amazon, Uber, JustEat and many other companies that made everything available online, allowed them to grow huge as they don't need people doing all the work all day and night. They don't need people answering a call just to book a taxi, they don't need someone to answer the phone just to take a simple food order. Web Applications not only make life easier it also reduces human errors. Remember the days when we ordered food over the phone and instead of lamb shish kebab we ended up with lamb doner instead. Now, whose fault was that :)

We used to call up and wait in line for hours just to ask where our delivery was, now we can just ask Alexa "where is my delivery".

Think about it, what is it that you do daily or what are time-consuming tasks that you have to do every day? Which tasks do keep your employees occupied for a long period of time?

Now, if you have designed a custom solution for your problems, it's not difficult to see how you can now start to progress and move forward. Worst case scenario you could save money from stopping mistakes, having employees being more productive and concentrating on what really matters.

My favourite is that these software solutions do the work while you sleep. Make sales, generate invoices, take payments, produce time sheets, lets customers log in to their accounts to get all the information they need. By the time you wake up, you would have completed a days work already.